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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education Interface?

Education Interface has revolutionized training for the service level employees. We specialize in providing web-enabled learning to the workplace. We provide learning solutions for both internet and intranet environments that include training delivery, learning management system, customized content creation, and consulting services to maximize return-on-investment and quality performance outcomes in your organization.

Education Interface offers a Learning Library of health and safety compliance, occupational and technical job skills training. These address OSHA and related job performance and regulatory compliance issues. We understand the need for well rounded employees, and the need of our customers to create a customer service atmosphere in the workplace. In response, we provide communication skills, customer service, problem resolution and motivational training. Education Interface offers a training solution to help you meet the real world challenges of TODAY. Our training model equals measurable results!

Who Developed the Content?
The backbone of our learning platform is our standardized, accurate, user friendly content. Our content development team is comprised of Certified Nursing Home Administrators, Certified Trainers, Registered Nurses (RN's), Registered Dieticians (RD's), and Human Resource experts. Content for training programs is drawn from the latest resources available on all training topics. Education Interface has an established review committee of healthcare trainers and JCAHO reviewers from across the country. Our quality assurance standards ensure the content meets industry requirements, standards of care, and OSHA directives.

Who Has Reviewed the Material?
All Health and Safety Compliance Training is reviewed by a panel of twelve health care professionals from the American Hospital Association. The members of this board are from all parts of the country, with experience in administration, nursing, and JCAHO inspections.  

Do You Offer Certification?
The primary focus of our training material is the service level employee; these employees generally do not require certification. Our materials are intended to provide basic instruction in health and safety topics and department specific training. Each student that successfully completes a course will receive a certificate of completion. Education Interface now offers CEUs for clinical and management staff through our partner, MedCom and CEUs for dietary staff via Dietary Managers' Association.

Do you offer other Languages?
The entire Education Interface Learning Library is available in Spanish for most mandatory Annual and Dietary Training topics.

How often are materials updated?
Education Interface will provide module updates annually, based on changes in Federal regulation. Additionally, Education Interface works closely with JCAHO to review proposed changes related to training requirements for all levels of care. All updates related to changes in regulations are free and are provided as downloads. Updates are provided as soon as they are prepared and reviewed by our Health Care Committee.

New subject modules will be made available each year to expand the variety of content available to our customers. There may be an additional fee for this based on the content and extent of the new material.

Beyond regulatory changes and new material, Education interface updates the visuals and graphics used to provide a new look and feel. This makes the annual update for employees more interesting.

Can this program be used as a pre hire screen?
Yes, some customers use this program to make sure potential employees have a good understanding of certain topics that are of importance to them and their facility.

How do I get started?
To receive more information, or arrange for a presentation email us at msweeney@eiuser.com.  Or simply select the link below to get started.


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