Online Training Course Groups

Education Interface Nursing-and-Nursing-Assistance

Nursing & CNA Training


Develop your Nursing career with the Education Interface customizable training curriculum from accredited facilities…Read More

Education Interface Health-and-Safety-Compliance

Health & Safety Compliance


EI offers 17 Health and Safety online training courses that will help with OSHA requirements, HIPAA certification, and more…Read More

Education Interface Dietary-Training-Advantage

Dietary Training Advantage


Simplify the training process for employees needing HACCP Certification, Food Handler’s Card, and other certifications…Read More


Customer Service Training


Train you or your employees to maintain a safe workplace, and to interact with customers in a way that increases satisfaction…Read More


First Aid Training


Perform at the moment of an incident. EI First Aid courses include Soft Tissue Injuries, Breathing Emergencies, & CPR…Read More

Education Interface Continuing-Education

Safety Training


Employees stay safe in the workplace with Safety Orientation training. Radiation Safety, Oxygen Safety, Substance Abuse, & more…Read More

Education Interface Continuing-Education

Continuing Education


Take advantage of our CE course solutions to stay up-to-date with best practices, certifications, and compliance…Read More

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