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Continuing Education for Nurses & More!

Education Interface understands the value of continuing education for nurses and healthcare professionals. Their online education program is built around the idea of gaining new, up-to-date knowledge at an ongoing basis in order to achieve beyond what is expected. All of the CE courses are ANCC certified through EI training partner Medcom/Trainex. There are multiple CE credits to choose from at Education Interface.

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Continual learning keeps you up to speed on mandatory certifications and ever-changing rules and regulations. If you’d like to get more information about our online Continuing Education courses, click here to contact an EI representative or call us at 1-800-752-5121.

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Content designed to intrigue and educate each student, while encouraging the continued learning of LTC, CNA, Nursing Administration, and more.Learn More
The EI staff can provide your facility with the technology and know-how to ensure an easy learning process. Click to learn what’s offered.Learn More
EI was developed to standardize fast-paced, web-based learning. Transitioning to the EI includes implementation, training, & performance support.Learn More
EI reporting tools allow students and supervisors to closely monitor performance throughout each course. Find out what to expect from EI.Learn More

Other Course Groups

The Education Interface Nursing & CNA Training program offers 16 nursing courses that include training material such as Dementia Care, Accident Prevention, Family Response and Needs, and much more. EI enables you to track user performance and maximize the learning experience of each course with customizable features and support services. Convenient training is made easy with the interface system and unique career specific courses. EI has so much to offer; want to learn more about Nursing & CNA Training programs? Click here to learn more…
Are you and your employees properly trained in First Aid procedures and standard protocol? Ensure your staff is prepared for first aid emergencies. With the right training and education, Education Interface students and educators will be ready in the case of any accident. EI’s First Aid Training program contains courses in CPR training, sudden illness, conscious vs. unconscious person, and many more. Discover the many benefits of proper First Aid Training with Education Interface. Click here to learn more…
Having a friendly staff is essential when trying to maintain happy clients, but appearance and attitude aren’t the only guidelines for 100% customer satisfaction. Discover the benefits to having a fully trained staff in areas such as communication basics, problem solving, listening skills, and dealing with difficult customers. A properly trained staff is key to happy customers, clients, and residents. Maximize the value of your most valuable company asset – your staff. Check out more on our Customer Service Training program. Click here to learn more…
The Health & Safety Compliance program offered by Education Interface allows students to develop the skills you or your employees need to stay compliant with OSHA requirements. EI offers 17 Health and Safety courses, all of which will meet your regulatory compliance needs. Is HIPAA Certification required in your career field? Upon signup, we’ll guide you through the process of receiving the latest HIPAA training so you can walk away a certified professional. EI’s Health & Safety Compliance program also covers Blood Borne Pathogens, Fire Safety, TB Prevention, and more. If you’d like more information, check us out. Click here to learn more…
EI offers standard food handling courses for all industries to ensure customary guidelines are met inside and outside of your kitchen. The Dietary Training Advantage program contains lessons on issues such as Prevention of Cross Contamination, Food Illness, Food Service in Healthcare, and many more. With 17 courses in the critical elements of food services, EI offers the perfect solution for convenient staff training at your facility, no matter what kind of food handling you do. Click here to learn more…
Proper Safety Training is a big factor in a number of industries such as healthcare, long term care, school systems, airlines, and hands-on jobs like construction and electrical installation. Is your staff properly trained in case of emergencies and unexpected safety hazards? At Education Interface, you and your staff can get the training and proper safety training you need on your own time with 24 hour training for convenient and effective employee training. Check out more on our Safety Training courses here at Education Interface. Click here to learn more…

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“I like the fact that you can be flexible, you can make changes, and you can create a training environment for your employees that makes sense to you. You don’t have to just go through the motions by giving them a training that they’ve already had previously in the year.”
Jennifer Kelly