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Customer Service Training

Improve customer satisfaction by guaranteeing you or your employees are properly trained in customer service practices. Through Education Interface (EI), online learners have the ability to acquire customer service skills that will set your employees, and organization as a whole, apart from leading competition. Complete these courses with world-class service qualities that will boost your customer service department.

Education Interface offers 6 courses that provide a standardized training curriculum in topics such as Communication and Listening Skills, Maintaining a Positive Service Attitude, and Dealing With Difficult Customers.

Help Your Team Succeed with Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service skills don’t always come naturally. Learn quality skills that will keep your customers, patients, or clients happy and exceed standard expectations with a little help from EI. If you’d like to get more information about our online Customer Service Training program, click here to contact an EI representative or call us at 1-800-752-5121.

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“EI enhances new hire orientation by allowing you to select courses, add variety to the presentation of materials, and the interaction holds their interest and increases retention of the information; also introduces new associates to the EI program so they can complete courses on their own in the future.”
Judy Brewer, First Community Village