EI Features

At Education Interface, convenient employee training is key to quality learning.
With a team comprised of certified specialists creating content, graphic artists building interactive exercises, and education professionals who provide strategies for learning, Education Interface is able to deliver an exceptional learning platform to both students and educators. Our content, technology, and turn-key solutions are what allow us to deliver measurable results.

For our corporate clients, Education Interface offers a corporate training application. This can be a huge benefit in terms of looking at education compliance across the entire corporation. In addition, through this application, corporate specific training classes, surveys or messages can be sent to all of their sites or just a subset.

Education Interface strives to make most of your learning experience. CNA Training, Safety Orientation, and Continued Education courses may not be too exciting, but no one said it had to be extremely boring. Take advantage of the many features and support services Education Interface offers and get the training and education you need, today!

Customized, simplified, and convenient employee training, educating, and certification is what we do at Education Interface. If you’d like to talk to an Education Interface representative, give us a call at 800-752-5121.